Asetek Clutch

With the acknowledgement that not all racecars are equipped with a manual clutch, Asetek SimSports™ supplies the Invicta™ Clutch as a separate add-on product to make sure that all racers’ preferences are considered.

The clutch slides directly on to the Invicta™ Pedals Brake & Throttle by tightening two screws and a small electrical connector. With this, you are ready to turn your racing simulator from automatic to manual clutch. In just a few steps, you are ready to drive.

Asetek SimSports Invicta Pedals are for Competitive Gamers and Racing Enthusiasts who want the ultimate immersive sim racing experience. The Invicta sim racing pedals feature a proper clutch bite point with a realistic rebound to give you the best and most realistic racing experience of driving on a real circuit with sim pedals.

  • Platforms

    Windows 10, 11


    Invicta Throttle Footrest.

    Invicta Clutch System.


    7 Console support planned in future


    Assetto Corsa

    Assetto Corsa Competizione.

    DiRt Rally.

    DiRt Rally 2.0.

    F1 Series.


    Project Cars 2.

    rFactor 2.

    + Many More (all games that accept direct input devices.