Simagic Alpha Mini + GT4


Simagic ALPHA MINI Direct Drive servo wheel base:

The latest offering from Simagic, the Alpha Mini enjoys the same high level of design as the Alpha family, integrating the excellent genes of the servo motor technology with even better value for money. The evolutionary driving experience continues with new Alpha firmware features, AI intelligent dynamic torque distribution, and the same wireless power supply technology unlocking free rotation that Simagic users have grown to love, all packed into a compact and stylish fuselage.

ALPHA MINI Technical spec's

- Black anodized extruded aluminium housing (110x110x167.5mm)
- 3 Phase servo motor designed specifically by Simagic
- 10nm Max Torque
- Simagic quick release system
- PC only, supports all major PC games such as iRacing, ACC, F1 20XX, Dirt Rally, Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2, etc
- USB-B connection from wheelbase to PC
- Standard Warranty – 12 months

Simagic Alpha Mini User Manual

Simagic GT4 wheel

- Standard 310mm diameter
Wireless communication with Simagic bases
- Carbon fibre shifters
- Dual clutch paddles 
- GT Style wheel rim
- Flex free quick connect to wheel base

Simagic GT4 User Manual